Sportsbook Gambling Bet Types

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Sportsbook Gambling Tips

Sportsbook gambling is both fun and profitable, and many people make a living off it. To reach that level, however, you will need to familiarize yourself with bet types to a letter, read recaps, and keep informed at all times. Ruling out favoritism cannot be underlined enough, as you should make being realistic and able to make educated guesses your primary goal. When you manage to do that, success will become imminent.

The next key point is choosing the best sportsbook sites. What you need to keep in mind when picking your favorites is that the site should be licensed (easily checked on the internet) and that it offers free money (in forms of bonuses, in most cases). At Sportsbook Gambling, we have selected only such sites! Choose among our recommended online sportsbooks for the best online betting experience on the web!

Sportsbook Gambling Bet Types

1. Single best (“side”): single winner wagers.
2. Totals: wagering whether the total points will be higher or lower than the designated total.
3. Point Spread: wagering on one out of two selections.
4. Parlays: multiple event wagering. All teams MUST win in order for you to win. The most profitable bet type, but also the riskiest one.
5. The Moneyline: wagering on a single winner.
6. Total Bet: wagering on the total points of a single team.
7. Over/ Under: wagering whether the total points will be under or over the total.
8. Futures: wagering on the championship winner. There must be at least three teams for the futures to be available.
9. Reverses: A set of wagers going forward and in reverse order.
10. Teaser: multiple event wagering. You may choose to add or take off points from spread bets.
11. Pleaser: group of football or basketball straight bets combined into one wager.
12. Buying Half a Point: as the name suggests, this is a bet type where you get to increase the point spread half a point up.
13. Buy Points: moving the point spread up.

There are, of course, many more bet types depending on the sport. To find bet types for a specific sport, visit our knowledgebase at Sportsbook Gambling. As for the basics, some general rule would be to stick to straight bets as opposed to parlays, or to combine other more profitable bets with straight bets. Did you know that expert bettors rely on straight bets in all occasions? As sure as the Sun rises in the east, there is a solid logic behind it!

Accumulation and free bonuses

The keyword here is – accumulation. A very simple logic defines a successful sportsbook gambling expert: as long as you have more wins than losses, you are on the winning side. Even if your prize is only several dollars, multiply if with the number of wagers placed, and you will get the big picture.

And lastly, sign up at our recommended sportsbook gambling sites to get a hold of the best free bonuses on the internet. Bet in licensed online sportsbooks for free! Win big in a matter of days!